Brake Repair Near Me

Brake Repair Near Me

It’s a well-known fact that the brakes are the most vital part of an automobile. If they aren’t working properly, you could get into an accident in Jenkintown, Abington, Glenside, or Philadelphia.

That’s why it’s important to learn about the brakes and when they should be looked at. When it’s time for brake repair near you, you’ll want to contact Faulkner Nissan Jenkintown for service.


Brake RepairOne of the major components of the brakes are the pads, and they tend to undergo the most wear and tear.

Brake pads can last anywhere from 25,000 to 65,000 miles. This depends on a variety of factors, one of them being your driving style. If you often drive fast and then stop suddenly, you’ll wear down the pads faster than normal.
The brake pad material can also determine how quickly they’ll wear. There are several different types of brake pads, including ceramic and semi-metallic. Ceramic may offer better stopping power, but they can wear down faster than semi-metallic. On the flipside, semi-metallic may not be as responsive as ceramic, but they’re still good and can last quite a long time.


Because different things can affect the brakes, you may not know when to replace them. However, there are signs that’ll indicate new brakes are needed, such as…

Grinding noises: If you hear a grinding sound when you push down on the brakes, there could be some gravel in the brake caliper. The brake pads may be so worn that they’re starting to scrape against the rotor, which could damage two important brake parts.
Brakes SqueakingVibrations: The steering wheel may shake, or you could feel vibrations in the brake pedal. In either case, it could be from an uneven brake rotor.
Burning odor: If you smell a strong chemical odor after hitting the brakes, then they could be overheating. Pull over right away when it’s safe and check to see that the parking brake has been fully released.


The brakes on your vehicle should be looked at regularly, regardless if you notice any of the above signs or not. So, you’ll want to schedule service at Faulkner Nissan Jenkintown as soon as possible.

Our certified technicians will take a look at your brakes and determine if they need a simple repair or a complete replacement. Either way, they’ll get your vehicle in tip-top shape again in no time.