Nissan Rogue Sport vs Toyota RAV4

Nissan Rogue Sport

If you’re in the Jenkintown, Abington, Glenside, and Philadelphia area, you likely appreciate the benefits of a dependable compact SUV. Our team here at Faulkner Nissan Jenkintown have created this 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport vs. Toyota RAV4 comparison to present you with two such vehicles that have plenty to offer. Continue reading to get a clear picture of both.


Nissan Rogue InteriorBoth the Nissan Rogue Sport and the Toyota RAV4 provide everyone on board with plenty of room so the lengthier trips are just as comfortable as the quicker jaunts. The Rogue Sport delivers ample legroom in the front seats with 42.8 inches, while the front-row legroom in the RAV4 is slightly less at 42.6 inches. The Rogue Sport also supplies a comfortable space for the passengers in the backseat with 55.7 inches of shoulder room, while the shoulder room in the RAV4 measures at 55.4 inches.


Another area where the differences between these two SUVs are definitely worth mentioning is their exterior dimensions. The Nissan Rogue Sport has a wheelbase of 104.2 inches and an overall length of 172.4 inches. The Rogue Sport is also 72.3 inches wide and 62.5 inches high. The Toyota RAV4 has a larger wheel base that comes to 104.7 inches and is considerably longer at 181.1 inches. Its width and height specs are also higher than that of the Rogue Sport at 72.6 and 65.9 inches, respectively.

As these dimensions express, the Nissan Rogue is notably smaller than the Toyota RAV4. This counts as an advantage on the side of the Rogue Sport because it means its relatively compact stature provides you with more efficient cornering and steering capabilities when taking the tight turns and curves you often run into with city driving.


Nissan Rogue Sport Cargo SpaceConvenience is another high priority when choosing your next vehicle. One convenient feature that comes standard in the 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport is the Intelligent Engine Brake. This system takes into consideration how fast you’re going and combines that with your steering and braking information to adjust engine braking level. This process results in a more comfortable driving experience for you as the driver because you won’t have to apply the brakes nearly as much.

The Nissan Rogue Sport also makes use of the Active Ride Control, which is a standard feature that moderates the manner in which the vehicle reacts to bumps in the road give you a smoother ride. Finally, the 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport is available with the Divide-N-Hide® Cargo System that allows you to store valuable items in the cargo space while keeping them out of sight. None of these conveniences are available in the RAV4.


Both of these SUVs give you noteworthy experiences. However, the 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport proves itself to be the better choice between the two. A few of the ways it accomplishes this with its interior specs, overall size, and many conveniences.

If you’re in Jenkintown, Abington, Glenside, or Philadelphia and you’d like to get behind the wheel to learn even more about what the Rogue Sport is capable of, visit or contact us at Faulkner Nissan Jenkintown to schedule your test drive today.